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Graphic design, or any design for print, offers creative freedoms that are not usually found in even the most cutting edge digital projects. To be able to work as a designer free from the constraints of screen resolutions, viewport sizes, browser and computer limitations, and all the other associated considerations with digital work is great fun, and is an opportunity I always relish.

Sometimes my graphic design work is as a part of a bigger project, either designing menus for a restaurant rebrand, or an album cover for a band along with their new band website, and sometimes it is stand alone work in its own right, like posters for club nights or flyers for a local business. Whatever graphic design needs you have, drop me a line and I’ll be happy to discuss it with you, I have experience in all kinds of print design, across a huge range of formats and media, and have an intricate knowledge of the finer sides of design print, as well as healthy working relationships with several local and national print providers.

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